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Capital Meat Imports offers a variety of products, guaranteeing satisfaction for any desire or taste. Their products include whole and cut, from Japanese F-1 & A5 Japanese Beef to Australian cross Wagyu and Pure Bred. And for those who love something closer to home, there is the exclusive American Fullblood Olive Fed Wagyu.


General Info

Is your product safe to eat?

Yes, all of our steaks are processed and handled through our state of the art USDA inspected cutting facility.

Can i order over the phone?

Yes, you could call us to order over the phone at (323) 807-0798, although we prefer you order directly through the website.

Is there anyone i could speak to and ask any questions i might have?

Yes, you can call our offices anytime between 7am and 3pm pacific time.

How do you ship your product?

All our steaks are shipped frozen in insulated boxes with gel packs and dry ice when needed.

If my steaks came thawed are they ok?

Yes, even if your steaks arrive thawed they are ok to put back in the freezer .


My Account

What is the red box membership?

Our red box membership club is our way of giving back to our most valued customers with exclusive offers, deals, discounts, giveaways and much more. (not a red box member?! click here to sign up and start enjoying all the red box member privileges.)

Do i get any promotional codes if i’m not a red box member?

Yes, even if you are not a red box member we will always try to offer discounts and deals throughout the year.


Discount Codes & Gift Cards

Can i use multiple promotional codes?

No, we only allow 1 promo code to be used per order .

Do you have gift certificates?

Yes, you can purchase a gift card and have it emailed to your closest friends, family members or colleagues.


Is the plastic you vacuum your steaks with safe for food?

Yes, all our packaging used for our steaks are USDA regulated and approved materials, they are also BPA-free and safe for sous vide.

My steaks came frozen, how do i defrost?

All our steaks are shipped frozen with thawing instructions on how to keep your product’s quality and integrity at its best.

I opened my package and it smells bad, what do i do?

If you’re not happy with the quality of your products please contact us. sometimes meat has pungent smell when the package is first opened.


Sourcing & Programs

Where is your meat from?

We source directly from family-owned farms as well as larger farming co-ops.

Does your meat have antibiotics or hormones in it?

All our beef is HPG-free (hormone free) and never given antibiotics unless needed.

What do the cows eat?

Most of our cattle thrive on a high grain diet with many different varieties of seeds, beans, barley and oats.

Do you have kosher beef?

No we do not carry any kosher beef, hopefully in the near future.

Is any of your wagyu beef halal certified?

Yes, all of our wagyu beef is halal certified.



I just received my steaks but don’t need them until next week where should i store them?

It’s best to place our steaks in the freezer when you receive them. hold them one day in the refrigerator to defrost prior to cooking, defrost instructions will be sent with your order.

Is it ok to defrost steaks in water?

Yes, although our recommended method to defrost is to do it slowly in your refrigerator, if you want to eat your steak sooner rather than later you can place it in a bowl and fill it with cold water until fully defrosted.


How long does it usually take to ship product from when i order?

Depending on the day you order. once shipped deliveries usually take between 1 to 2 days.

I came home to find my box on my doorstep in the sun, is it still safe to eat?

All our boxes are insulated and filled with gel packs and dry ice when needed to maintain proper temperatures for up to 3 days from ship day .

Do you ship to my zip code?

Yes, we ship all over the us including Hawaii and Alaska.

Problems with Order

Who do i contact if i have an issue with my order?

If you need to contact us in regards to a problem with your order or any issues please email us at info@capitalmeatimports.com or call our office at (323) 807-0798.