About Us

Creating Southern California’s largest meat processor felt like destiny to the two brothers who were brought up and educated in the meat industry for over thirty years. After all they are following in their father’s footsteps.

Infusing their father’s mentality with new technology and bringing it into the modern age has helped them excel and even create a new era, bringing innovation, creativity and a new meaning to meat.

The people at Capital Meat Imports have one simple mission: Bringing the best quality, sustainably-sourced food directly to those who will appreciate it the most...you. They do this by having complete control of the supply chain from start to finish. Sourcing the most unique programs, strategic planning and constant attention to current events.

Capital Meat Imports offers the largest variety of wagyu beef in the U.S., guaranteeing satisfaction for any desire or taste. Their products include whole loins and cut portions.

One of the only companies in the U.S. to import full sets of Japanese A5 to Australian Cross Wagyu, Pure Bred & award winning Full Blood Wagyu from Stone Axe.

Domestic Cross Wagyu is readily available for all of our chefs and butchers looking for something closer to home, Capital Meat Imports the is proud & exclusive partner to Masami Ranch located in Northern California.



Our Method

Direct Sourcing

We establish exclusive partnerships with the most unique farmers from all over the world. Creating strong relationships allows us to expand our line and bring new products to market that are yet to be offered by anyone else.


We import fresh Wagyu Beef directly from our Farmers in Japan and Australia and ship them straight to our state of the art cutting facility.


All of our exclusive Wagyu Beef is cut fresh, packaged, labeled and prepared for shipping at our USDA Inspected and approved, custom-built facility.


We have perfected the art of shipping through countless orders ranging from small to large. It allows us to offer our customers access to easy, direct and fast alternatives for the best shipping experience.

Step by step becoming the new leader in the importing and distribution of fresh Wagyu Beef. We offer a new standard for commitment, hard work, dedication and attention to detail. These principals will always be the foundation of our success and dedication to our customers.